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About Merri Joy Moylan

Hi, I'm Merri Joy Moylan, REALTOR® Thank you for visiting my website, I can’t wait to meet with you in person! I am passionate about making Real Estate a joy for my clients and customers and I've been pursuing this passion since 2009. These days, navigating the world of buying or selling real estate can be a nail- biting, anxiety ridden, barely-hanging-on experience, I’ve been there! My passion is all about taking my clients on the luxury cruise ship ride to their real estate goal, instead of the survival raft. I work day and night behind the scenes mitigating potential problems, finding practical solutions, and negotiating tough deals so you don’t have to! When I’m not writing contracts, marketing my listings, or celebrating with my clients at the closing table, you can find me with my family hiking the beautiful North Idaho wilderness, picking huckleberries in the summer months, or volunteering at the Post Falls Life Care.